Preparing for a home inspection when selling a house

Are you planning to sell your house and buy a new one? Then you have a lot of work ahead of you. You have to work with different professionals such as the realtor, mortgage lender and home stager to ensure that things are in perfect condition for you to make the sale. They can help you market your home and give you a good offer for it.

You must also remember home inspection and prepare for it adequately to ensure that you every damaged item is fixed before you can sell your house. The potential buyers will need everything in perfect condition before accepting the house. These are some of the rules of real estate in chestnut. To avoid a bad inspection report, you should personally inspect your home or hire an inspector to help you out.

Both the exterior and interior should be in perfect condition. Start by inspecting all the windows or screens of your house. Repair any broken or cracked windows so that they don’t come upon the inspector’s report.

What is the condition of the paint of the home? Sometimes children leave marks on the walls of houses without our knowledge. Paint can also start peeling if the house if old. Moisture also accumulates and affects the paint around the house. Repaint the house before you try to sell it to eliminate any chipping or marking on it.

Home security is also a significant concern when selling a house. Replace loose panels on the fence as well as any defective boards around the house. Ensure that safety detectors such as the smoke detector are functioning properly. The main drainage should flow away from the house and not towards it. You may need to do some shovel work to ensure proper drainage in the case of rainy days.

You should also clean the gutters before selling the house. This shows the buyer that you have properly maintained the home. Repair any minor problems on the roof such as leaking surfaces and get a roof certificate from a professional.

Check the condition of the air conditioner and ensure it is free of any leaves for good air circulation. The water heater should also be functioning correctly. Replace the furnace filter and any cracked tubs in the bathroom.

The home inspector can also confirm if the ceiling fans and light bulbs are functioning accordingly. Confirm the drainage of areas such as the sinks. Slow drainage would need a P-trap to clean to allow water to flow easily. Get a plumber to fix blocking sinks or leaking toilets if you are unable to fix the problem alone.

Any stairs around the house should be sturdy to prevent falls. Repair loose staircase before the main inspection to avoid a bad report. The kitchen appliances will also be checked. Confirm the condition of the dishwasher, refrigerator and cooktop burners and replace any of them that is not working well. In selling a house, all these factors will be inspected therefore ensure that they are as good as new for the sake of the buyer.